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29 Portraits Project
Portraits 9 – 11 / 29: Olivia, Greta & Molly

Posted on: Wednesday, April 22, 2015

These are the last portraits from my trip to Seattle. On Sunday afternoon, after grabbing lunch with my cousin Becca, I met up with my cousin Brian, his wife, Chrissy, and their three daughters Olivia, Greta, and Molly. Before I moved to Santa Cruz, I did a lot of babysitting for Brian and Chrissy. The first time I watched Greta, she was only a couple months old (I was in high school). After college, I continued to go over to Brian and Chrissy’s house in the evenings or on weekends to watch all three of their girls. It was always fun. We played board games, did crafts, walked to parks, read books, watched movies and generally goofed around. And I loved being able to see them grow up. Spending time with them on a regular basis is one of the things I really missed when Christian and I relocated to California. When I left, all three of them were in elementary school. Now Olivia is about to start high school, Greta is in middle school, and Molly is in the fifth grade.

Back on that first Sunday in March, we met up towards the northern end of the Arboretum. At the time, the park was  a bit of a zoo so we had to get a little creative with our parking spots (read: I’m not sure they were actually parking spots). None of us knew that area of the park very well, so we just wandered around looking for spots to take portraits. At one point this resulted in us navigating through a very muddy field… But we ended up finding some great places to take photos. And in between the portraits, I got to do a lot of catching up. We talked about cameras, their old houses, our big extended family, dogs, what they all gave up for lent (sweets!), Seattle and running. It was the perfect ending to my weekend in Seattle.

Below are some of my favorites from adventuring around the Arboretum with Olivia, Greta, Molly and their parents:

29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly001 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly005 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly007 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly01129PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly018-19-Merged29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly022 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly024 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly025 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly027 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly028_1 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly032-square29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly033 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly035 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly037 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly038 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly039 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly042 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly043 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly044 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly04529PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly048 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly052 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly053 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly054 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly055 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly056 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly058 29PortraitsProject_Olivia-Greta-Molly059

For more information about my portrait project go here: 29 Portraits Project. Next up in the project are the portraits I took of my friends Jesse and Lindsy in Santa Cruz. Also, after either being out of town or hosting out of town guests during three of the last four weekends, my current schedule is a little less busy, which means my posts here should be more frequent than they have been. So check back soon!

29 Portraits Project
Portraits 7 – 8 / 29: Ella & Katie

Posted on: Thursday, April 2, 2015

My third set of portraits in Seattle took place on a Sunday morning at Volunteer Park. Prior to this, my most recent visit to Volunteer Park had involved running a loop around the outside of the park on a gray morning in August. When I met up with Christian’s cousins there in March, it was clear and sunny, and all of the flowering trees were in bloom. It was kind of perfect.

The first time I met Christian’s cousins, Katie and Ella, Katie was barely a toddler and Ella hadn’t even started Kindergarten. Back then, the two sisters used to hide Christian’s shoes when he came over to try and prevent him from leaving (so cute!). Over the years, the two of them (and their parents) have become family to me. When Christian and I lived in Seattle, they lived just a mile away, so we got to come over for a lot of delicious, home-cooked dinners and share in the occasional celebration (birthdays, holidays, sporting events).

These days, I mostly see Katie and Ella when I’m up in Winthrop visiting Christian’s parents. Together we’ve shared a lot of late night sled rides (in varying conditions), cross country skis (of varying lengths), snacks at the Mazama Stores, rousing board games (Telestrations!), puzzles with missing pieces, long dinners and good, hard laughs.

Now Ella is in high school and plays (and coaches!) volleyball. Katie is in middle school, competes in gymnastics and bakes elaborate cakes. They are both smart, funny, creative and, a whole a lot of fun and I feel very lucky to call them (and their parents) family.

Here are my favorite portraits from our morning at Volunteer Park (it turned out to be a really great place to take portraits). Big thank you to Ella, Katie, and their mom, Maddy for meeting me on a Sunday morning. It was so great to be able to catch up while I was in Seattle:

29_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_001 29_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_004 29_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_005 29_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_006 29_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_007 29_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_00829_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_013 29_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_014 29_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_01629_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_01729_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_01929_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_023-square29_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_02429_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_02529_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_02629_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_02729_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_02829_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_03129_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_03229_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_03329_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_03429_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_03629_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_03929_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_04129_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_04329_Portraits_Project_Ella-Katie_Web_052

For more information about my portrait project go here: 29 Portraits Project.

29 Portraits Project
Portraits 5 – 6 / 29: Haylee & Naomi

Posted on: Thursday, March 26, 2015

After my visit with Allison & Joey, I met up with one of my cousins, his wife, and their two daughters, Haylee and Naomi at the Arboretum in Seattle. It was late afternoon–approaching early evening. The light at that later hour was magical–golden and soft; filtering sidelong and dappled through the Arboretum’s varied trees…

When Haylee was four, she was a flower girl in my wedding. She was an adventurous four year old–not scared to walk down the aisle. These days, Haylee is in elementary school, likes running (like me!), and from what I can tell, is still up for a good adventure.

Naomi is the one who is four now. She is a little firecracker–full of energy and spunk. She is a blur! It was hard to get Naomi to sit still (or even stand still) long enough for me to take her picture, but it was a whole lot of fun chasing her around the park trying.

And it was a treat to watch the two sisters together. There is a lot of affection there. They have a rapport–the are goofy together; they make each other smile, giggle and laugh. They tell secrets. They understand each other.

When I needed Naomi to slow down, Haylee was able to grab her little sister’s attention and hold it long enough for me to get in a few photos. Haylee also looks out for Naomi–during our afternoon in the park, she gave her advice and helped her navigate the rocks and trees we were traversing. Naomi is not timid though. She wants to keep up with her big sister (or even speed ahead on her own).

I had a great time exploring the Arboretum with my two little first cousins (once removed) and catching up with their parents. Here are some favorites from those last hours of daylight on the last day of February:

29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi00129_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi00429_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi00729_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi00829_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi009-BW29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi01129_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi01329_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi01529_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi01629_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi017_129_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi02029_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi02329_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi02429_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi02529_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi02629_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi03029_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi03229_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi03329_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi035_229_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi03629_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi038_2 29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi040 29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi04829_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi050 29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi051 29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi054 29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi05929_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi061 29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi062 29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi063 29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi066 29_Portraits_Project_Haylee_Naomi069

For more information about my portrait project go here: 29 Portraits Project.

Also, a small plug: Haylee & Naomi’s mom is an amazing hairstylist and makeup artist. She has generously done hair and makeup for many cousin weddings (including my own). Check her out here.

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