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29 Portraits Project
Portraits 24 – 25 / 29: Tim & Andreana

Posted on: Thursday, October 8, 2015

Over the first weekend of September, I drove up to San Francisco and spent a lovely afternoon poking around the Mission District with Tim and Andreana. My visit started at their apartment in Noe Valley where we caught up over beers–we reminisced about our friend’s wedding earlier that summer, chatted about photography, and browsed prints from the rolls of film they’d taken on their summer camping tour around the northwest. Their place was charming–filled with plants and photos and sunlight from the tall windows gathered at the end of their living room.


Tim is another friend I met through Allison–he was one of her housemates when she lived in the Lower Haight. Both Tim and Andreana are originally from the east coast. They met at college in Rhode Island but didn’t start dating until a couple years after they’d graduated, when they were both living in California (although in different cities). The weekend I visited happened to be their fourth anniversary. They still had a napkin from that night. And on their fridge was a photo of the two of them from the very first night they hung out in college–they looked so young; it was adorable.

Tim is loud and enthusiastic and entertaining. He’s up for most things (except dancing). Andreana is warm and easygoing and charismatic. The two of them compliment each other. They hike, cook, camp, travel and go to shows–they explore together; they plan adventures. Last year they went to Peru. When I was visiting them, we talked about going to Mexico. I hope we do!


I always have a good time hanging out with Tim and Andrea. And taking their portraits was so much fun. From their apartment in Noe Valley, we walked to the Mission District–stopping to take pictures in front of colorful walls and murals that were vivid and bright and beautiful. We watched part of a street hockey match at Delores Park and Tim kicked around a soccer ball at a local soccer field. In between portraits, we cooled down with cocktails, popped into stores, and got incredible tacos with jicama tortillas at Lol√≥ (where there was talk about opening a sandwich shop). After we were finished with portraits, we sat around Tim and Andreana’s kitchen table and talked some more–about favorite recipes and the next five years and adventures in traveling… It was funny stories and good conversation with two people I’ve really enjoyed getting to know.

Below are my favorite photos from my afternoon exploring the Mission with Tim & Andreana:

PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_001PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_002-rd PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_003-crop PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_005 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_007PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_008 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_010 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_013 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_014_1PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_015 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_016 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_019 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_021PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_022 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_024 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_025 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_026_1PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_027 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_029 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_030 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_032PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_033 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_034 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_035 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_039PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_041 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_042 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_045 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_048 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_050 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_051PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_052 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_054 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_056_1 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_057PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_058 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_061 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_062 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_063 PortraitProject_Tim-Andeana_065For more information about my portrait project go here: 29 Portraits Project.

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