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29 Portraits Project
Portraits 18 – 19 / 29: Keith & Leigh

Posted on: Wednesday, July 8, 2015

On an overcast afternoon in June, I drove up Highway 1 to the small town of Davenport to take portraits of my friends Keith and Leigh. Our itinary went as follows: we started at St. Vincent DePaul Church and then meandered through town, where we made a stop at Slowcoast, before heading down to our final photo destination: Davenport Beach. In between photos, I asked them about how they met and we swapped Santa Cruz restaurant recommendations and generally got caught up on eachother’s lives. It was a perfect little excursion with two people I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting to know.

I’ve known Keith and Leigh for a couple of years now, but I can’t recall when (or where) exactly we first met. This is because I remember hearing about them before I met them–all good things of course! Essentially we met through friends, at a get together of mutual friends. And they lived up to their reputations. Keith and Leigh are hardworking and successful and completely down to earth. They are friendly and funny, interesting and smart.

Here are some other things you should know about Keith and Leigh: she’s from a small town in New York and he’s from the area (Aptos) but they met in Philadelphia, moved to California, and were married in New York. Leigh loves kale. Keith loves to surf.  Leigh has a standup paddle board named Khaleesi. Keith made it for her (and it’s beautiful!). They have a good looking cattle dog who they named Coach (and Coach is an energetic, playful, and very well behaved dog). Leigh does crossfit (she is strong!). Keith takes photos. Leigh travels a lot for work (and somehow still manages to do a million things whenever she’s home). Together they travel to places like Costa Rica and go camping in Big Sur. They own a beautiful home with a view of the bay and they recently renovated their backyard. They enjoy having friends over to their place for celebrations–barbeques, birthday bashes, and super bowl parties. And when they do, they’re excellent hosts–the food is always delicious and the company is always good.

It may have taken awhile for our path to cross, but I’m glad I eventually met Keith and Leigh in person. And I feel very lucky that they let me take their photos on that gray day in June. I love how their portraits turned out. Here are some of my favorites of Keith and Leigh from our afternoon in Davenport:

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