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Seaside, OR Is…

Posted on: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Smack in the middle of May Christian, Buckwheat and I drove up to Seaside, Oregon for a long weekend with friends. As a child, Cannon Beach had been a stop on many of our family road trips. When I was a teenager, it had also been the destination of a few weekends with friends. I’d never been to the neighboring town of Seaside, though.

We spent a long weekend in Seaside catching up and exploring with friends. We flew kites, blew bubbles, built a beach bonfire, finished a puzzle and caught a really spectacular sunset. We grilled burgers, ordered too much seafood and got pizza delivery. We stayed up too late and came home exhausted.

Seaside, Oregon is the promenade, a historic aquarium, silty soft sand, beach grasses, kites and sand castles. It is thrift stores, tourists, t-shirt shops, fish and chips, oysters, boba smoothies, cotton candy and salt water taffy. It is video arcade games (Skee-Ball, basketball, Fascination, air hockey and Flappy Bird), bumper cars, red paper tickets and cheap prizes. It is gray skies, sun breaks, neon sunsets, salty breezes and morning mist. It is swing sets, beach volleyball, riding around on old cruisers, midday runs and late night bonfires. It is cedar shake homes, brightly colored buildings, bridges, Victorian houses, rhododendrons, peeling paint and quaint shops. It is a tourist trap. It is a little piece of history. It is smoky smelling jackets and sand in your shoes. Seaside has character…

I want to go back. But maybe not until we live closer. Because Seaside is a long, long drive from Santa Cruz. And it was a bit like Santa Cruz… if it were in Oregon. Did I mention, it was hundreds of miles away? The drive took us all day…

But last month, in the middle of May, Seaside was all of the above AND a house full of good friends. Big thanks to our friends Jake and Magnus for making this trip happen.

A mix of iPhone and DSLR photos from our long weekend in Seaside, Oregon:

Seaside_2015_001 Seaside_2015_002 Seaside_2015_003 Seaside_2015_005

Seaside_2015_006 Seaside_2015_008 Seaside_2015_011 Seaside_2015_012


2015-05-15-]-2plus.19.37-red2015-05-15 19.19.39


Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

Seaside_2015_015 Seaside_2015_018 Seaside_2015_020 Seaside_2015_026 Seaside_2015_027 Seaside_2015_031_1 Seaside_2015_033 Seaside_2015_034 Seaside_2015_035 Seaside_2015_038

Seaside_2015_040_1 Seaside_2015_042 Seaside_2015_043 Seaside_2015_044Photos 22, 24, 25, 26, 37 and 38 captured by Christian.

Tahoe 2015

Posted on: Monday, June 29, 2015

Tahoe is magical. A couple of years ago, Christian and I were looking for a place to camp that allowed dogs and we found a campsite at Meeks Bay on Lake Tahoe. We booked in early June and spent a very hot weekend running into the Desolation Wildnerness, playing backgammon and splashing around at the beach. We’ve been back to Tahoe every summer since.

This year we went in May and stayed in a little cabin at Zephyr Cove. The trip was a celebratory get away following the completion of C’s paper on his research (and the months of long hours and weekends he had spent in lab). We arrived just before it started to pour rain. A thunder storm and moody sunset followed. While it stormed outside, we stayed cozy inside with whiskey cocktails and shrimp tacos cooked up in the cabin’s kitchen and a couple episodes of Bloodline on Netflix.

The next morning we got up and did a trail run along a section of the Tahoe Rim Trail. We ran over rocks and snow, up and down hills, under tall trees, and along ledges with views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The run was exhausting but worth the huffing and puffing (and let’s face it: a bit of pretty slow shuffling). The storm had passed; it was a blue bird day.

That afternoon we went on a drive and ended up in Kings Beach where we wandered around and got sandwiches from a local deli (which we ate at a picnic table with a view). On the drive back to our cabin, we pulled into a small parking lot and hiked down to a secluded cove beach. The rest of the day was spent back at Zephyr Cove Resort and filled with rounds of Citadels, a walk to the dog friendly end of the resort beach, a dinner of lamb sausages and loaded baked potatoes, and some solid sunset watching.

On Sunday morning we woke up and took a short run around the local neighborhood before heading back in the direction of home. We ended our Tahoe trip with melty It’s It ice cream sandwiches and a hike up to Horse Tail Falls. It was a very good weekend.

A mix of iPhone and DSLR photos from our trip:

Tahoe-iPhone001 Tahoe-iPhone002 Tahoe-iPhone003 Tahoe_2015_004 Tahoe-iPhone005 Tahoe-iPhone006 Tahoe-iPhone007 Tahoe_2015_001 Tahoe_2015_002 Tahoe-iPhone008 Tahoe-iPhone009Tahoe-iPhone010Tahoe_2015_004altTahoe_2015_005altTahoe_2015_008Tahoe_2015_009Tahoe_2015_015Tahoe-iPhone011Tahoe-iPhone012Tahoe-iPhone013Tahoe-iPhone014Tahoe_2015_019Tahoe_2015_022Tahoe_2015_026Tahoe_2015_029Tahoe_2015_030Tahoe_2015_033Tahoe_2015_036Tahoe_2015_037Tahoe_2015_040Tahoe_2015_043Tahoe-iPhone015

* Photos 1, 3, 6, 11, 12, 20 & 21 captured by Christian.

A Fresh Start

Posted on: Thursday, February 26, 2015

Starting something new is both exciting and daunting. As a runner, I’ve found the hardest part of most runs is just getting out the door. I can relate to Newton’s First Law of Motion (aka “the law of inertia”): objects at rest like to stay at rest. When you’re standing still at the beginning of something it’s hard to know how to get going; where to even begin. Inertia—it’s an every day struggle.

Newton’s First Law of Motion also says that objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Fortunately, I can relate to this too. Once I start a run, it’s typically easy to keep going. Once I start writing, blank pages miraculously fill with words. Once I start editing photos, a final product takes shape in my mind and I am eager to push on. Inertia—it’s also momentum…forward and onward!

This isn’t my first blog, but I felt the need to start fresh. In the time between the last post on my old blog and now, I have accumulated a lot of photos, started a couple of projects, and dreamed up plenty of ideas to pursue further down the road. I’m excited about all of this—but it’s been hard to know where to start…

So I’ve decided to just start—to push past this state of rest and put things in motion. I’m hoping that by getting this first blog post over with inertia will, once again, be on my side (pushing me forward… and onward).

In sticking with the theme of fresh starts, here are photos of some fresh snow which fell over our Christmas holiday in Winthrop, Washington.






Here we go!

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