29 Portraits Project
Portraits 12 – 13 / 29: Jesse & Lindsy

Posted on: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I met up with Jesse and Lindsy¬†at Lindsy’s house on a Sunday morning back in mid-March. We started with some portraits in the side and front yards. Their hedgehog, Kevin, was there too. In between pictures, Kevin ate meal worms and explored. At one point he burrowed into a corner in the front yard and had to be gently prodded out. He was a little grumpy, but to be fair, the portraits were taken in the middle of his night (he’s nocturnal). Jesse and Lindsy were not grumpy. They were easygoing, and fun, and photogenic.

I’ve known Jesse and Lindsy for just about as long as I’ve lived in Santa Cruz. Jesse started his PhD program at the same time as Christian. He’s from Colorado. Lindsy grew up in Los Gatos (just “over the hill” from Santa Cruz). The two of them ended up in Santa Cruz but they actually met in Hawaii. They are both animal whisperers. And explorers. They hike and rock climb and scuba dive and go tide pooling. They are also good at making stuff (Lindsy once made Jesse an impromptu Shark-nado costume the day of Halloween and it was pretty awesome).

We ended with some portraits at a nearby school, which was perfect for reasons you will see towards the end of this post. I don’t know if it was the morning light or the presence of Kevin the hedgehog or the fact that I’m starting to get more comfortable taking portraits, but I’m really happy with how these photos turned out. It’s probably just Jesse and Lindsy. These two have chemistry. And these photos make me happy.

Here are my favorites from our morning with Kevin (there are a lot of them):

29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy001 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy002 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy003 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy006 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy007 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy008 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy009 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy01029PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy011 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy012 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy014 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy015 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy016 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy018 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy019_1 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy021-022-merged29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy023 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy024 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy025 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy026 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy027 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy028 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy029 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy03029PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy031 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy032 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy033 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy036 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy037 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy038 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy039 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy04129PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy042 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy044 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy045 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy046 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy047 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy048 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy049 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy05029PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy051 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy052 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy053 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy055 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy056 29PortraitsProject_Jesse-Lindsy057For more information about my portrait project go here: 29 Portraits Project.

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