29 Portraits Project
Portraits 2 – 4 / 29: Allison, Joey & Baby Jane

Posted on: Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I took these photos of Allison, Joey, and six-week-old Jane at their house in Seattle on the last day of February. We spent the morning catching up and the early afternoon wandering through the house and backyard taking portraits. My visit ended with a long walk around the neighborhood and a late lunch of sushi takeout. It felt too short (but visiting old friends always does).

My friendship with Allison goes back almost 15 years. The short version of how I met Allison and Joey is this: we went to high school together. Joey was in my french class. Allison and I played on the freshman soccer team together. Our freshman year, Allison and Joey attended winter Tolo together. They didn’t start dating until well after college but thanks to that fateful jungle themed dance, there exists a photo of Allison and Joey as tiny 14-year-olds, dressed in semi-formal wear, embracing in front of a scene of lush green paper palm trees (and those of us who knew them then have wallet sized copies).

The long version of my friendship with Allison is not suited for a portrait blog post (it’s too long!). Let it suffice to say that she has been one of my best friends since high school. My greatest adventures, funniest stories, and fondest memories from ages 14 to 18 almost all involve Allison. Her home was like a second home to me (and her family felt like a second family). In the last decade, we haven’t lived in the same city for more than a few months but I still feel exceptionally close to her. I’ve always been able to depend on Allison and I feel very grateful to call her my friend.

Allison and Joey as a couple make me happy. They work together. They are both smart, spontaneous, funny, generous, perceptive, caring, fun and a thousand other good things. It was great to see them as parents–the way Jane looks at them melts my heart. Jane napped off and on during my visit and was incredibly easy going and sweet. I am looking forward to watching this little one grow up. And I hope I get to live in the same city as her (and her parents) soon. Fingers crossed!

Here are some of my favorites from my February visit with Allison, Joey and baby Jane:

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