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29 Portraits Project
Portraits 21 – 23 / 29: Sam, Meg & Sammy

Posted on: Monday, September 28, 2015

On a Sunday morning towards the end of August, I hung out with Sam, Meg, and their little boy, Sammy at their home in Soquel. Their dog, Dusty made a few appearances, too.

Sam started grad school the same year as Christian. He and his wife, Meg moved up here from LA. I first met them at our friends’ house and instantly felt at ease. Both Sam and Meg are originally from North Carolina and they have that southern charm. But even back then (almost five years ago!), they were also at home in California. Sam surfs, and outside of work, Meg found time to be a Zumba instructor and now kicks ass in CrossFit. They are funny and kind, laid-back and lively, smart and generous, easy to talk to and fun to be around and full of outrageous stories. And these days they are loving parents to an adorable and energetic little boy who was a total ham when I arrived with my camera bright and early on a Sunday morning.

I had a great time visiting (and photographing) these three at their place. They live in a house full of natural light on a sprawling property which is abundant with vegetable gardens and home to some chickens (and a goose!). After goofing around for a bit, Sam read Sammy his favorite book and then we adventured outside–watering plants, taking a wagon ride, playing with chalk, visiting the chickens, and feeding their sweet old dog, Dusty some treats. It was a lovely morning with two wonderful people I feel so fortunate to call friends and one hilarious little toddler who kept me on my toes, but who was a total breeze to photograph!

Below are some of my favorite photos from my morning with Sam, Meg, and Sammy:

PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_001_1 PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_003 PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_004 PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_005 PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_009PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_010 PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_012 PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_013 PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_017 PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_018PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_023PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_024PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_027PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_028PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_029PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_031PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_032-altcropPortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_035PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_037PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_039PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_040PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_042PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_044PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_045PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_047PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_048PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_053PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_055PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_059PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_060PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_061PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_062PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_063PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_065PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_066PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_067PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_069PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_070PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_071PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_074PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_075PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_076PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_079_1PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_081PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_083PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_084PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_086PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_087PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_092PortraitProject_Sam-Meg-Sammy_093For more information about my portrait project go here: 29 Portraits Project.

29 Portraits Project
Portraits 14 – 16 / 29: Amanda, Jed & Eleanor

Posted on: Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last month, I drove down to visit my sister Amanda, her husband, Jed, and their daughter, Eleanor, at their new house in Burbank. Buckwheat came, too. He was my co-pilot. Back in January, I helped Amanda and Jed move into the house, so it was exciting to see the progress they’ve made since then–they’re painting and unpacking and redoing the backyard. They’re making the house their home.

During my visit we took portraits outside the house and at the neighborhood park. These days Eleanor is on the move, so much of the portrait taking involved me chasing Eleanor around with my camera, hoping that some of her quicker moments of cuteness turned out.

Mostly, I just enjoyed spending time with these three. It’s been so much fun to watch Eleanor grow from the tiny, sleepy baby I first met, to the fast walking and funny toddler she’s become. Now that E’s a toddler, she can do all sorts of new and cute things: she can point at her bully button (and ears and nose), she gives her mom and dad hugs and knows their names, she says “no” (even though sometimes I think she means “yes”) and signs things like “dog” and “milk” and “more”; towards the end of the weekend she even started making a sound akin to my name.

Eleanor also plays a pretty good game of chase (much to poor Buckwheat’s surprise) and loves to ham it up for smiles and laughs. She’s sweet, playful, inquisitive, and silly. I feel so lucky to be Eleanor’s aunt. And watching Amanda and Jed as parents has been a huge gift. I’m looking forward many more weekends with Amanda, Jed and Eleanor at their lovely little home in Burbank.

Here are some of my favorites from our weekend in April:

29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_001 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_005 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_008 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_009 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_013 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_014 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_01629PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_018 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_019 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_021 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_024 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_025 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_028 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_02929PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_030 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_034 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_035 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_036 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_039 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_041 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_04529PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_049 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_051 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_053 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_057 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_058 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_062 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_06329PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_065 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_066 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_067 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_068 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_070 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_072 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_07429PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_075 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_077 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_078 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_081 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_084 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_088 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_09029PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_091 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_095 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_099 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_100 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_10529PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_106 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_108 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_109 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_111 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_113 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_115 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_116 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_117 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_11829PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_119 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_121 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_126 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_127 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_129 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_132 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_133 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_137 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_13829PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_14029PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_142 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_146 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_147 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_15029PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_161 29PortraitsProject_Amanda-Jed-Eleanor_Web_164For more information about my portrait project go here: 29 Portraits Project.

29 Portraits Project
Portraits 2 – 4 / 29: Allison, Joey & Baby Jane

Posted on: Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I took these photos of Allison, Joey, and six-week-old Jane at their house in Seattle on the last day of February. We spent the morning catching up and the early afternoon wandering through the house and backyard taking portraits. My visit ended with a long walk around the neighborhood and a late lunch of sushi takeout. It felt too short (but visiting old friends always does).

My friendship with Allison goes back almost 15 years. The short version of how I met Allison and Joey is this: we went to high school together. Joey was in my french class. Allison and I played on the freshman soccer team together. Our freshman year, Allison and Joey attended winter Tolo together. They didn’t start dating until well after college but thanks to that fateful jungle themed dance, there exists a photo of Allison and Joey as tiny 14-year-olds, dressed in semi-formal wear, embracing in front of a scene of lush green paper palm trees (and those of us who knew them then have wallet sized copies).

The long version of my friendship with Allison is not suited for a portrait blog post (it’s too long!). Let it suffice to say that she has been one of my best friends since high school. My greatest adventures, funniest stories, and fondest memories from ages 14 to 18 almost all involve Allison. Her home was like a second home to me (and her family felt like a second family). In the last decade, we haven’t lived in the same city for more than a few months but I still feel exceptionally close to her. I’ve always been able to depend on Allison and I feel very grateful to call her my friend.

Allison and Joey as a couple make me happy. They work together. They are both smart, spontaneous, funny, generous, perceptive, caring, fun and a thousand other good things. It was great to see them as parents–the way Jane looks at them melts my heart. Jane napped off and on during my visit and was incredibly easy going and sweet. I am looking forward to watching this little one grow up. And I hope I get to live in the same city as her (and her parents) soon. Fingers crossed!

Here are some of my favorites from my February visit with Allison, Joey and baby Jane:

29_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane00129_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane00329_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane006 (1)29_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane008_129_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane012_229_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane014_129_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane017_129_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane02029_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane02129_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane02229_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane02429_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane02629_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane027-new29_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane03329_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane03529_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane03729_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane03929_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane04529_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane04729_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane04829_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane05129_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane056_129_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane05729_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane06129_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane07029_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane06329_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane07229_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane07429_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane07529_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane07629_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane07929_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane08029_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane08129_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane08229_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane08329_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane08529_Portraits_Project_Allison_Joey_Jane086

For more information about my portrait project go here: 29 Portraits Project.

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